Mutual funds combine the capital from a large number of investors, investing it in equities, bonds and other securities (such as real estate and commodities). The investor buys shares in a basket of securities managed by professionals. In contrast to purchases of individual shares or bonds, success is not dependent on a single investment. The effect of a poor performance of one security can be absorbed by good performances of others.

The price or value (net asset value) of a fund unit varies over time. It is linked to the performance of the securities and assets held by the fund. The price is calculated daily.The fund price already includes the management fee. However, the initial charge, which falls due at the time of purchase and the other fees, are not taken into account.

You can begin investing in fund units with very small amounts. Investment plan allows you to put aside regular amounts, from as little as 100,00 HRK a month (15 EUR).

If you decide to make one-time payments to an investment fund, you can do it from 400,00 HRK and more.

In all investment funds managed by Erste Asset Management you can apply request for purchase or request for redemption on a daily basis. Depending on the cut of time (cross-section) of a particular fund, funds may be available to you on the next working day.

Key investor information, monthly reports and fund information on this website will provide you with more detailed information on each investment fund.

You can make a payment by submitting request for unit purchase on Netbanking or in the nearest Erste Bank branche. In accordance with the amount on request for unit purchase you have to make a payment according to the information that was previously created on request.

Assets invested in investment funds (mutual funds) are considered as separate funds and are deposited in a special, secured account. Namely, if the investment fund management company or the custodian bank declares insolvency, they remain separate. In addition, fund providers are subject to constant monitoring and surveillance (Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency - HANFA) and internal and external auditors.

Our service is based on the "SRRI indicator", which ranges from 1 (low risk) to 7 (high risk). Please note that this indicator can change in the future.

Keep in mind that funds invested in an investment fund regardless of the recommended investment period can be redeemed at any time.

The recommended (or minimal) holding period for the investment funds of Erste Asset Management is based on the "Synthetic Risk and Reward Indicator".

This risk indicator is calculated according to the regulations issued by the European Securities and Markets Authority and forms an integral part of the key investor information documents (also referred to as KIID). You can find the recommended holding period in the overview of the respective fund or in the fund fact sheet that can also be downloaded. The minimum recommended holding period for a fund with an SRRI of 1 or 2 is three years, while it is five years for a fund with an SRRI of 3 or 4, and seven years for a fund with an SRRI of 5, 6, or 7. The minimum recommended holding period of an equity fund is seven years, for example. 


This document is an advertisement. Unless indicated otherwise, data source is Erste Asset Management Ltd. Our languages of communication are Croatian and English.The prospectus (and any amendments to the prospectus) has been published in accordance with the open-end investment funds with a public offering (Official Gazette 44/16, 129/19).

The fund prospectus and key information for investors are available to all interested parties free of charge, at the management company as well as in all offices of the Depositary. The exact date of the last publication of the prospectus, languages in which the key information for investors are available, as well as information about other places where these documents are available are published on the website www.erste-am.hr.

This document serves as additional information for our investors and is based on the knowledge of the person responsible for preparing it at the time of preparation. Our analyses and conclusions are general in nature and do not take into account the individual needs of our investors in terms of earnings, taxation, and risk appetite.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of the future performance of a fund. Please note that historical return is not a reliable indicator of the future development of the fund. Please pay attention to the fact that investment in securities other than described seems to bring about the risks. Share price and yield may rise as well as fall.