Balanced funds

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What is a balanced fund?

Funds that invest across different asset classes (e.g. both bonds and equities) and other investment funds combine the growth opportunities of equity exposure with yields from fixed-income securities. Mixed funds give the fund manager more room for manoeuvre when it comes to investment.


Erste Green Multi Asset is a feeder mixed fund, which invests at least 85% of its assets in the main fund Erste Green Invest Mix.

The main goal of the Main fund is to increase the value of shares over a longer period of time by creating a portfolio that will invest at least 51% of assets in financial instruments of issuers that are considered sustainable investments (areas of climate protection, adaptation to climate change, energy conservation, protection of freshwater and marine resources, transition to circular management, reduction of waste and recycling, mitigation of pollution and protection of healthy ecosystems). The fund will invest in shares (directly or through sub-funds) and bonds (certified as green bonds, socially responsible bonds, bonds that promote awareness of climate change or have a positive impact on the environment and society).



Erste Adriatic Multi Asset Fund is  UCITS fund that will pursue its investment objective by investing in different investment classes, while limiting exposure to equites and equity markets to a maximum of 30% of net fund assets; Currency exposure is not limited.




You invest green are mixed funds that invest in bonds, stocks, deposits, investment funds and other financial instruments with three strategies Solid, Balanced and Active. Depending on the individual needs of each client and risk preferences, the fundamental difference between funds is reflected in the equity market exposure; Solid 0-10%, Balanced 0-30% and Active 0-50%.

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Balanced funds

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