Regular pin money

You are looking for an investment that offers you a regular income?

The withdrawal plan of Erste Asset Management offers you the following options:

  • first you have to invest in investment fund
  • specify the amount of payment you want in the future
  • indicate the payout dynamics (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, etc.) or
  • adjust the payout annually to an index (e.g. 2% due to the expected inflation)

You can set a withdrawal plan for all investment funds that are also suitable for the savings plan.

Please bear in mind that the development of the income depends on the choice of investment fund and is subject to the fluctuations of the fund.


Our solutions for you




Erste Adriatic Bond fund, founded in 2013  with assets over 1,7 billion HRK under management. Investing in Erste Adriatic Bond is intended for all investors who want to invest their assets over a medium to long investment period, regardless of whether they are individuals, companies or financial institutions.

Depending on your risk propensity, different solutions may be suitable. Our new investment solution YOU INVEST may just be what you are looking for.


You invest green are mixed funds that invest in bonds, stocks, deposits, investment funds and other financial instruments with three strategies Solid, Balanced and Active. Depending on the individual needs of each client and risk preferences, the fundamental difference between funds is reflected in the equity market exposure; Solid 0-10%, Balanced 0-30% and Active 0-50%.



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